Performance Management



Performance Review Process

The university requires that ALL staff members receive an annual performance evaluation. Performance management forms are available above. Supervisors should request that the staff on their team complete the self-appraisal and should take this information into consideration when completing the staff member’s annual review.

Instructions for Supervisors

We are utilizing DocuSign again this year to complete our annual performance reviews and performance plans in the College of Arts and Sciences. DocuSign is a digital signature application that allows users to securely sign, initial, and enter other information on an electronic document rather than a physical copy. We hope that this will make the process easier and more efficient for you. 

Here are the steps that supervisors should please follow:

  1. Please ask your employee to complete the Self-Appraisal form (see above) and return to you. Use this form as a helpful tool as you fill out the performance review form.
  2. You will receive an email from DocuSign with a subject line of ‘Please Sign Performance Review — Employee’s Name’ for each regular or term staff member which you supervise. You will not receive a review for any temporary or student employees. Performance reviews for regular employees are mandatory. Performance reviews for term employees are optional, but mandatory if you wish to request a merit increase for the employee. You may use the link in that email to access the review form. You may also log-in directly to DocuSign at and then click on ‘Action Required’ and then open the desired review form from the list. You will receive a reminder email every seven days until the document has been completed.
  3. Please fill out the supervisor sections on the performance review. The HR to OnBase cover sheet and the employee fields on the first page of the performance review form have already been populated for your convenience. Please do not edit any fields on the HR to OnBase cover sheet. The fields on the actual performance review form may be edited if necessary. Please select the appropriate ratings for each category and enter comments in the provided text boxes. If you prefer to attach a document instead of typing in each comment box, please type ‘see attached’ in the text box and then attach a document by clicking on the paperclip icon. To save your work in DocuSign, please click on ‘Other Actions’ and then select ‘Finish Later’. (Please do not select ‘Finish’ until after you have met with your staff member.) To provide a draft copy to your employee, you may select either the download or print icon in DocuSign and then forward a copy to the employee. Please consult with your HR Consultant prior to sending the review to the employee if you plan to rate any employee as ‘Below Expectations’ or ‘Well Below Expectations’.
  4. Schedule a one-on-one meeting with your employee to review their performance and determine upcoming objectives. An in-person meeting is preferred. If an in-person meeting is not possible, we recommend that you use Teams, Skype, or Zoom. For your reference, the guide Delivering Performance Reviews Virtually is above. After the performance meeting is complete, please make any edits to the document in DocuSign and then select ‘Finish’. Supervisors must have their portion completed by June 1, 2023.
  5. Your employee will automatically receive an email with instructions after you have finished your portion. The employee will be able to enter employee comments (or attach a document with this information) and sign the form. Employees are asked to complete this within three business days of receipt.
  6. The form will next automatically workflow to your HR Consultant for review. Once completed, both you and your employee will receive an email notification. If desired, you will then be able to download or print a completed copy for your records. A copy will also be automatically saved to the employee’s official personnel file in OnBase.

**If you plan to not complete a performance review for a term employee, you may delete the document in DocuSign by opening the document, clicking on ‘More’ and then select ‘Delete’. If no action is done, the document will eventually expire in DocuSign. Please remember, though, that a review is required for the employee to be eligible for a merit increase.

Please contact your HR Consultant with any questions.