Request Cost Share/Reduced F&A Rate

Requesting Cost Share

To request cost share from the college for your proposal, complete the Cost Share Request Form. Consult the college's cost share request policy in advance. Requests should be made at least 30 days in advance of a submission due date to allow for review. Requests that do not do through this DocuSign process will be returned. All requests will be reviewed for approval by Research Services, the Associate Dean of Research and the College's Fiscal Leadership. PIs will be notified via email of the decision. 

Consult the College's Cost Share Policy to be sure you are in compliance with guidelines. 

Tuition & Fees Cost Share

You may want to also review the Grad School's Policy if you plan to request cost shared tuition and fees from the grad school. Be aware that those decisions run through the grad school and are separate from the college's cost share request process. 

If you have questions about the Cost Share Request Form or policy, contact Amy Raubenolt (

Requesting Reduced F&A Rate

If you need to request a lower F&A rate from the college for your proposal, complete the Reduced F&A Request Form explaining the circumstances. Consult the college's F&A Rate Policy.  The college must receive the request at least one week before the proposal’s deadline. All requests will be reviewed by Research Services and the college for approval, coordinating with other colleges as needed. The investigator will receive a decision via email. Upload a copy of that approval to the ePA005 – OSU Authorization to Seek Off-Campus Funding form and indicate the indirect rate on that form.

If you have questions about the Reduced F&A Rate Form or Policy, contact Jared Port (