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The College of Arts and Sciences and the university provide many options for units to share their news. Please refer to our resources to submit your news to college channels (Around the Oval, Experts in the Media and our event calendar) and university publications (onCampus). If you have a piece of news to share with the Marketing and Communications office, please also submit your story ideas to our office.

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Around the Oval

This weekly e-newsletter for the College of Arts and Sciences is published each Wednesday afternoon (with occasional exceptions for holiday schedules). The deadline for content submissions is Friday at noon (review guidelines here). Around the Oval features timely research news, events, experts and accomplishments in the college.

If you would like to subscribe, please complete the online form or send an email to

Administrative Updates

This weekly e-newsletter distributed on Tuesdays shares important internal announcements and updates for faculty, staff and graduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences. 


Column Content
Column Content

onCampus Submissions

onCampus Today and onCampus Weekly are e-newsletters that are great vehicles to share your news items with wider university faculty, staff and student audiences.

To share a news item for consideration in onCampus Today or onCampus Weekly, complete the submission form. Provide a suggested headline, brief descriptive text and a link to an appropriate webpage where the news item is found. You can also indicate the nature of the news item, which publications it should appear in and a desired publication date.

While submitting a news item does not guarantee it will be published, all items are considered.

Deadlines for onCampus submissions are:

  • Monday: Previous Thursday at noon
  • Tuesday: Previous Friday at noon
  • Wednesday: Monday at noon
  • Thursday: Tuesday at noon
  • Friday: Wednesday at noon

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Column Content

Ohio State Style Guide:

The online Associated Press Stylebook ( provides Ohio State communicators with direction on nomenclature, capitalization and other topics writers and editors encounter in the course of their work. It also clarifies instances in which Ohio State’s internal rules break from standard AP style. The comprehensive AP style guide and Ohio State style guide is available online when connected to the university network.

Column Content
  • University name: We are The Ohio State University on first reference, Ohio State on second. We are not "OSU" because the Ohio State name has greater awareness and familiarity than OSU. Geography is a factor, too, as there are multiple OSUs out there, and the web doesn't stop with Ohio's boundaries. Never refer to "Ohio State University," "the Ohio State University," or "THE Ohio State University." Don't capitalize “university” when used alone.
  • College name: We are the College of Arts and Sciences. "The" is not part of the college name and is not capitalized, and "and" is always spelled out; do not replace it with an ampersand. Arts and Sciences is acceptable on second reference. Use caution with the ASC acronym — while it can be valuable shorthand for internal audiences, it may lead to confusion to audiences outside of the college. Don't capitalize "college" when used alone.
  • Commas: Ohio State follows AP style, and as such, we do not use Oxford/serial commas unless needed for clarity.
  • Time: Use numerals in all cases and omit the zeros for on-the-hour times. Use periods for a.m. and p.m. To avoid confusion, use noon and midnight instead of 12 p.m. and 12 a.m. Examples: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. / 1-3 p.m. / 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Formal titles: Capitalize formal titles when they immediately precede a name: President Barack Obama, Professor Betty George. In text matter, titles following a personal name or used alone in place of a name are lowercased. Examples: Professor John Smith ate an apple. John Smith, professor of history, ate an apple.
  • Doctor: In general, for news content, use "Dr." only in first reference as a formal title before the name of an individual who is a medical doctor, but do not use "Dr." when referring to someone with a PhD or other doctoral degree.
  • Departments: Capitalize the full, formal names of departments, but lowercase shortened or informal versions. Examples: He is a professor in the Department of History. He is a professor in history.
  • Academic degrees: Capitalize the main words in the full names of degrees when they are spelled out and capitalize abbreviations of degrees. Abbreviation of the degree name is acceptable on first reference: BA, MA, PhD, etc.
  • Book titles, magazine titles, etc.: Titles of books, magazines and newspapers appear in italics, without quotation marks. Titles of book chapters, magazine articles and peer-reviewed papers appear in quotation marks.
Column Content

Have a story idea?

We are interested in hearing stories from across the college that we can use to promote our incredible departments, schools, centers and people. These stories might appear as articles on our website, newsletter items or social media content. Please keep in mind all submissions are subject to review. 

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