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For PPSP: Contact Amy Raubenolt (raubenolt.19@osu.edu) with a copy of the student's CV to initiate the discussion about the cost share division between your department and the college. 


For Pelotonia: Reach to Amy Raubenolt to let her know who in your department will be applying for the Pelotonia awards to secure the cost share match. 


All individuals must submit the Conflict of Interest form annually if they:

  • have been identified as project director, investigator, or senior/key personnel on sponsored projects during the past 12 months.
  • are investigators or senior/key personnel on current Institutional Review Board, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee or Institutional Biosafety Committee protocols during the past 12 months.
  • received salary support during the past 12 months from specific federal grants or industry-sponsored projects (this is often the case for students).
  • have been identified by their college or unit as having fiduciary or financial responsibilities.

The OSU Health Sciences Library has created a fantastic page of resources and examples to help you create a data management plan and is also available to answer questions on the topic. You can also reach out to your SPO and specifically to Sharon Sadvari (sadvari.2@osu.edu) with questions.

Our main offices are located in the 114 Suite of University Hall. You can set up a time to talk to either Jared Port (port.4@osu.edu) or Amy Raubenolt (Raubenolt.17@osu.edu) about what you need or what you need for your department or unit. We can also set up Team or Zoom meetings to chat. Grant Specialists working in Research Services are located in the units they support in order to provide the best possible service to those units. Feel free to stop by their offices or email them to set up a Teams or Zoom meeting as well.

Email Jared Port (port.4@osu.edu) to discuss what data you need and when you need it.

The Office of Research offers an online training on Controlled Substances through BuckeyeLearn. It is called Use of Controlled Substances in Non-Therapeutic Research. New authorized users must complete this training. 

We can help set up some customized searches for you to locate funding sources. Reach out to Jared Port (port.4@osu.edu) or to your Grant Specialist to schedule time to meet to discuss what you need.