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Please see below for available logo files and Ohio State brand standards.

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The consistent and proper use of the university logo not only strengthens recognition for Ohio State but also projects the university’s established reputation onto all of the many individual entities that make up our university.

To reinforce the university logo – and thereby the university itself – as our foundation, our identity system prohibits the use of any additional iconography, marks or artwork in conjunction with the university logo or any supplemental signature. Approved secondary identity elements may be used as supporting art, but they should always be clearly separated from the official marks*.

Clear space diagram

*IMPORTANT: The minimum required amount of clear space is defined by the width of the Block O. Please refer to the Ohio State Brand Guidelines for more logo usage requirements.

Download Ohio State logo files


The Ohio State signature system allows for a unit name to appear under the university word mark. Academic colleges, medical centers, regional campuses, central support units and university academic centers* approved by OAA/CAA have the option of using a secondary signature in marketing materials. Under no circumstances is any text other than the approved unit name permitted to appear in this space.

ASC Logo

*University centers affiliated with the Arts and Sciences may be provided with a dedicated secondary signature logo. Please check this list to confirm center classification: University centers should not attempt to create their own secondary signatures, but instead should email to submit a request.

Download Arts and Sciences secondary signatures


Academic departments and college centers are NOT permitted to have their own secondary signature. The college secondary signature should be used on all materials (including: event flyers, course posters, brochures, print and email newsletters) with the department/center name featured in a lock up or prominently on the piece. The College of Arts and Sciences secondary signature can be downloaded above and a gallery of projects with various unit identification lock ups can be viewed here.

Please refer to the Ohio State Brand Guidelines for more unit identification information. 

View Unit Logo Guide

NOTE: Any exceptions to these guidelines need to be approved by the Arts and Sciences Marketing and Communications Office and University Marketing. Please email your files to for review.


Artwork used on promotional items and apparel is required to meet both product specifications and university brand standards, which requires inclusion of an Ohio State logo (university, college or center). All logos appearing on merchandise and apparel must have the ® symbol.

Departments interested in creating merchandise items should include the department name and the college secondary signature with at least a Block O's width of clear space in between the two (see guidelines at the link above). Consult the design guide below for examples of approved artwork. The Marketing and Communications office can also offer design support in this area. Submit your inquiry and learn more. 

  • Vendors often require the unit to submit vector files, which the Marketing and Communications office is happy to provide.
  • Printed materials (brochures, posters, flyers, postcards, etc.) do not need to include the ® logo.

NOTE: All merchandise, apparel and promo items must be submitted for approval to Marketing and Communications and ultimately through Trademark and Licensing before being ordered. It is the unit's responsibility to ensure that proper approvals have been attained before placing an order.

Promotional Item Artwork Guide

Download trademark logo files


When more than one unit from the university is sponsoring an event or are partners on a project, please follow these guidelines. Do not co-brand units of the university; the Block O should appear only once on a page. When more than one college, unit, entity and/or department is represented in a single communications piece, use the university logo and list the college, unit, entity and/or department names in the signoff location flush right at the bottom corner of the page (example to right). If all of the entities, units and/or departments are within ASC, use the college logo.

When co-branding with external organizations, keep their logos at least three Block O widths away from the Ohio State logo.

When there are multiple collaborators who are not equal partners in an event, recognize them in text or consider recognizing them on a separate page.

When your unit or the college is the lead organizer of an event or a program, give the logo more prominence by using a color version (while using a black-and-white or gray version of the other logos), making it bigger, or positioning it in a priority location.

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Contact to request additional file types and color variations or if you have questions about usage.


Other Ohio State Brand Resources:

Visit for resources and guidelines on the Ohio State brand. This site includes items like approved colors, stock photography, editorial style, social media/video resources and stationary. A few relevant guidelines have been outlined below.

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The official university fonts are Proxima Nova (sans-serif), Capita (serif), Snell Roundhand (script) or Arial (default). External-facing communication materials should utilize Proxima Nova or Capita.

NOTE: Fonts are licensed products and cannot be shared; licenses for both font packages, Proxima Nova and Capita, are available from UniPrint ( or 614-292-2000) for a specially negotiated price of $105. Snell Roundhand Script is available separately for the price of $12.30 per license.

*If you are responsible for internal or external marketing communications, talk with your local communications office about obtaining a license for Buckeye fonts. For most employees, the use of the default font Arial is recommended for daily use.

  • Arial is the preferred desktop font for business documents, email, PowerPoint presentations and other office needs. When a serif font is absolutely necessary, Times New Roman should be used, but Arial remains the preferred default typeface.

Typography resources


Scarlet and gray in combination are as well known as our name. They are our signature colors by which our audiences identify us as Ohio State.

Incorporate our signature colors into your materials to tap into that powerful recognition and connect with our brand. To ensure consistency and protect our signature colors, be sure to use the proper color codes (available on the brand site). An extended, complementary color palette is also available for use on the brand site. External marketing pieces should only use approved colors.

Color resources


Photography is one of the best opportunities to convey the personality of Ohio State. A good image becomes the opening sentence of your story, grabs people’s attention and ingrains itself into a person’s memory.

University Marketing's signature gallery offers high-res Ohio State photos free for university use, in the subject areas of campus scenes, student life, research and the arts.

Photography resources

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