Our Staff


Kevin Leonardi, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications
leonardi.19@osu.edu; 614-292-5935

Denise Blough, Digital Marketing Specialist
blough.24@osu.edu; 614-688-2618

Julie Brown, Email and Recruitment Marketing Manager
brown.4927@osu.edu; 614-688-2584

Evan Drexler, Communications Manager
drexler.40@osu.edu; 614-292-1235

Joshua Friesen, Content Specialist
friesen.29@osu.edu; 614-688-2615

Molly Kime, Marketing and Communications Manager
kime.19@osu.edu; 614-688-2604

Erik Pepple, Content and Media Manager
pepple.5@osu.edu; 614-292-0058

Other College Administration Marketing and Communications Contacts:

Jen Farmer, Office of Advancement (Alumni and Development)

Bruce Houtz, Center for Career and Professional Success

Chinwe Okpalaoka, Office of Undergraduate Recruitment

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