Staff Professional Grants Application

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As part of the online application you will be required to submit:


A proposal (maximum 1 page) that describes how the proposed activity/materials/equipment meet the stated purpose of the grants program. Also include in the proposal a few sentences about yourself and your role in your unit. Explain as clearly as possible the connection between what is being requested and how it supports your professional growth and development in the particular area, advances existing or develops new skill sets, and/or leads you closer to a short- or long-term career goal/aspiration. The proposal does not have to be lengthy, but the link between the request and your professional development must be explained clearly. The primary criterion for awarding grants is the proposal’s strength in relation to the stated purposes of the grants program.

Itemized Budget

An itemized budget/breakdown and documentation of all costs. If additional funding will come from university-level staff grants, outside granting opportunities and/or from personal funds, please indicate that as part of the total budget.

Letter of Support

A letter of support from your chair/director/dean that includes: (1) a statement of support for the proposal, (2) an indication that the allotted time to complete the activity/program will be considered university time, note: the amount of university time will be up to the discretion of the chair/director/dean, (3) if applicable, a commitment of funds from the home department/unit.


You will upload these documents as one (1) PDF file, collated in the order above. Please name your document in the following format:

LastName_#_Staff Grant Application.pdf

Remember to replace the Lastname_# with the nominee's name.#.