Governance and Advisory Committees


Faculty Advisory Council

To act on behalf of all Arts and Sciences faculty in bringing matters of collective interest to the attention of the Executive Dean.

Representing a faculty voice, the FAC will seek:

  • To promote a sense of community within the varied disciplines of Arts and Sciences.
  • To foster transparency, mutual respect, and representative participation.
  • To ensure shared commitment and accountability to the goals of the entire college.

2018-2019 Roster

  • Heather Allen, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Sara Butler, History
  • Kate Calder, Statistics
  • Doug Downey, Sociology
  • Jill Galvan, English
  • PJ Healy, Economics
  • Jay Hollick, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
  • Desheng Liu, Geography
  • Alex Thompson, Political Science
  • Jospeh Fahey, Regional Campus
  • Trisha Van Zandt, Psychology and Statistics (by courtesy)
  • Michael White, Linguistics
  • Karl Whittington, History of Art
  • Jim Sanders, Arts Administration, Education and Policy
  • Peter Curtis, Evolution, Ecology & Organismal Biology

Ex Officio

  • Richard Fletcher, ASC Faculty Senate Chair
  • Janet Box-Steffensmeier, Interim Executive Dean & Vice Provost

ASC Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate of the College of Arts and Sciences has jurisdiction over the "untagged" bachelor's degrees, the general education requirements for all programs in the colleges of the arts and sciences, and joint responsibility for planning the general education requirements for colleges outside arts and sciences on a cooperative basis.  In addition, the Senate provides a forum for the discussion of other matters of common interest to the Faculty of the College of the Arts and Sciences.

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ASC Information Technology Advisory Committee

The committee is charged with advising the Executive Dean and College CIO on College IT priorities and strategies, including the setting of budgetary priorities, vetting of IT compliance standards to help determine appropriate courses of action, evaluating and recommending improvements to service levels in departments, and guidance toward new IT services and support. In addition, the committee will serve as a feedback /communication mechanism for faculty and staff on the operation of ASC Technology Services and on the role of information technologies in the college in general.