Committee on Student Mental Health and Wellness


Ohio State commissioned a Suicide and Mental Health Task Force in response to important dialogue on campus about the university’s suicide prevention efforts and mental health services. The task force released a report that includes a series of recommendations, and an implementation team has been tasked with analyzing these recommendations and creating proposals and plans for each.

In order to explore opportunities to support their initiatives and support our students’ health and wellness through college-specific opportunities, in autumn 2019 the College of Arts and Sciences established a Committee on Student Mental Health and Wellness. The committee will:

  • Review the task force’s short-term recommendations and identify opportunities for college contributions and partnerships
  • Consider best practices and campus-wide resources that support the unique needs of students in our academic disciplines
  • Make ongoing recommendations to college leadership regarding implementation of initiatives that have the broadest impact

View the College of Arts and Sciences Mental Health and Wellness Committee's Winter Break Guide.


Column Content

Committee Chair: 

Jen Cheavens 
Professor, Psychology 

Committee Members: 

Corinna Ash 
Graduate Program Coordinator, Evolution, Ecology & Organismal Biology  

Lindsey Chamberlain 
Assistant Dean and Director, Arts and Sciences Honors Program 

Alec Clott 
Graduate Student, Political Science  

Julia Diehl Catalano
Undergraduate Student, Neuroscience

Naudia Ferbrache
Undergraduate Student, Biochemistry

Sarah Gartland 
Undergraduate Student, Biochemistry  

Robin Gordon
Graduate Student, Arts Administration, Education and Policy

Terry Gustafson
Professor and Vice Chair, Chemistry and Biochemistry

David Horn 
Associate Executive Dean, Undergraduate Education  

Brian Orefice 
Assistant Dean, Graduate Studies 

Laura Mason
Graduate Student, Psychology

Tiara McKenzie
Undergraduate Student, Psychology

Ann Rottersman 
Director, Student Programs  

Yvette Shen 
Assistant Professor, Design 

Wendy Smooth 
Associate Dean, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 

Jessica Vandevord
Graduate Student, Chemistry and Biochemistry