About the Center for Career and Professional Success


CAREER SUCCESS: Communities. Connections.

  1. Our Organizational Name, Brand and Reporting Structure
    Formerly the Office of Career Services, we believe that the Center for Career and Professional Success (“Career Success”) should not be reduced to services, but be holistic and deliver strategies that will empower students to succeed over a lifetime. Now directly reporting into the Executive Dean and Vice Provost for the College, Career Success has devoted time to engage senior academic leadership and key stakeholders (e.g., students, industry and alumni) to inform new approaches to student career engagement. In autumn of 2018, we launched a new Career Success Logo, symbolizing movement and varied pathways. Coupled with the logo is a simple slogan that elevates the new career education model.
  2. Our Model and Staffing Structure - Career Communities. Connections.
    What is a Career Community? As a student enters ASC, they are invited to join multiple Career Communities. Each community is based around an industry and will offer unique content – such as alumni spotlights, internships, industry resources as well as in-person connections around similar career interests. These communities will help expose students to various career paths they may not have been aware of otherwise. Led by Director of Career Communities, Stephanie Ford, this unit will have a total of five career coaches.

    While “Connections” is inherently easier to understand, the new model of career education needs to be responsive to industry and employer expectations. The new staffing structure includes a total of four industry relations specialists, who spend their efforts reaching out to employers and proactively garnering top opportunities for ASC students. Led by Director of Industry Connections, Scott Kustis, this unit does more than just establish jobs and recruitment activity.  They also incorporate industry into micro-learning experiences that help students translate their theoretical knowledge in applied ways.
  3. Career Readiness Competencies as a Framework
    Students and their professional champions expect us to think about their futures beyond degree completion. In order to position them for success, we need to have a consistent framework by which all students can begin to articulate the development of their career competencies. More information about national career readiness competencies can be found here.
  4. Career Success Services & Signature Programs
    More than resumes, Career Success introduced exciting new initiatives in autumn 2018. They include signature programs such as Career Connections, Life Beyond Degree, Internship Week, Career Conferences, Monthly Coffee Chats, meet-and-greets with distinguished alumni and express advising within the Departments (known as ASC On the Road).
  5. Externships and Career Treks
    In Spring of 2018, Career Success launched a pilot externship/job shadowing program. This program has evolved into “Career Treks,” bringing cohorts of students through an industry immersion site visit, and expanded our externship experiences beyond central Ohio. In response to COVID-19, Career Treks in 2020/21 will default to virtual. You can find information about upcoming Career Treks on our events page, or contact Scott Kustis with specific questions.
  6. Handshake – OSU’s Career Management System
    Launched in early summer 2018, Handshake was chosen due to its ease of use for students and employers. Handshake uses machine learning to ensure that each student has a personalized experience when logging in. A few things to note: (1) Students now make career coaching appointments on Handshake – not in OnCourse (2) Students who complete their virtual profiles and upload their resumes will have a better user experience, and (3) All career education engagements across the University will be housed in Handshake. This is unlike past years where there were three Career Management systems across Ohio State.
  7. Academic Department Liaisons
    During spring 2019, Career Success will establish an academic relationship model, where your department will have a dedicated staff member who can respond to your questions/needs. If you have any ideas on how this might be structured, reach out to asccareer@osu.edu.
  8. A New Storefront on the College Website
    When a student is in need, it is now much easier to find us. We are now front and center on the main website of the college. Even without a formal campaign, we have already had over 7,764 unique visitors since June 1, 2018. With more visibility, students will not have a hard time finding their respective career coach or associated resources.

Staff of Career Success:

Career Communities Team:
Dr. Stephanie Ford: Director, Career Communities
Richard Fajardo: Career Coach (Career Communities: Healthcare and Wellness; Science and Research)
Barbara Harvey: Career Coach (Career Communities: Visual, Written, and Performing Arts; Entrepreneurship)
Erin McAlhaney: Career Coach (Career Communities: Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations; Journalism, Sports, Entertainment, and Production
Maggie Kruth: Career Coach (Career Communities: Finance, Consulting, Management and Sales; Technology, Data and Analytics)
Megan D'Angelo: Career Coach (Career Communities: Government, International Affairs and Public Policy; Education, Non-profit and Social Services)

Industry Connections Team:
Scott Kustis: Director, Industry Connections (Career Communities: Entrepreneurship; Visual, Written, and Performing Arts; Journalism, Sports, Entertainment and Production)
Addie Cheney: Assistant Director, Industry Relations (Career Communities: Government, International Affairs and Public Policy; Science and Research)
Kayli Futty: Assistant Director, Industry Relations (Career Communities: Healthcare and Wellness; Education, Non-Profit, and Social Services; Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations)
Vacant: Assistant Director, Industry Connections. (Career Communities: Education, Non-profit and Social Services; Healthcare and Wellness)
Vacant: Assistant Director, Industry Relations (Career Communities: Finance, Consulting, Management and Sales; Technology, Data and Analytics)

Dr. Stephanie Ford: Director, Career Communities
Scott Kustis: Director, Industry Connections
Alex Stacklane: Business Operations Associate
Andrew Perz: Office Associate
Mitsu Narui: Resource Planning Analyst
Vacant: Marketing Manager