College Templates

Arts and Sciences Marketing and Communications has created a set of templates for college units to use. We will continue updating this catalog of frequently requested templates. Please follow the links below to download templates.

NOTE: These templates have been updated to allow for unit identification. If you have any questions about how to use any of the templates, please email us at asccomm@osu.edu.


University Templates

In addition to the templates above provided by the college, the university has created a variety of templates for units to use. Uniprint also has an online catalog and ordering portal for common items.

University Templates

Uniprint's catalog

Design Resources

The university provides a site-wide license for faculty and staff to download and use Adobe Creative Cloud and Acrobat Professional for both Windows and Mac. 



Adobe Express is a free tool you can use to create and share visual stories (similar to Canva). It has a responsive design, which means that your content will be adapted to appear accurately regardless of what device your audience is using to view your projects. You can use existing templates or create your own to produce online presentations, flyers and reports.

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