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Around the Oval is a weekly e-newsletter for the College of Arts and Sciences published each Wednesday afternoon (with occasional exceptions for holiday print schedules). The deadline for content submissions is Friday at noon. Around the Oval features timely news, events, experts and accomplishments in the college.

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Column Content

Circulation Information

Around the Oval is issued to all Arts and Sciences faculty and staff on the main campus and regional campuses, along with key contacts at the university and the Dean's Advisory Committee. It is also shared with media contacts, Ohio State students, employees outside the college and members of the public who have subscribed to the newsletter.

What is included in Around the Oval?

News and Research

  • Key news items
  • Research news
  • Research publications; Books by faculty printed by key publishers


  • Research and Grants ($)
  • Faculty Awards — National, International, University, Specific Discipline
  • Staff Awards — University; College; Discipline
  • Student Awards — National, international (graduate and undergraduate) and misc.
  • University-wide; College-wide; Divisional; Department/Center; Community (e.g. TEDX)
  • Graduate Fellowships granted by federal agencies or major foundations

Featured Events

  • University-wide events / announcements (e.g. Pelotonia / HR Wellness, etc.)
  • Upcoming larger events (only listed as announcement once, the week before it would be in events)


  • Events listed on our event calendar from the current Thursday until the next Wednesday

Arts and Sciences Experts in the Media

  • Faculty, staff or student expert citations in media. Submissions come from University Communications media updates, chairs, faculty, staff and students (does not include personal, op-ed pieces)
  • Reviews/previews of visual and performing arts events that appear in the media

Items not included in Around the Oval

  • Please keep in mind all submissions are subject to review
  • Lectures, speaking engagements at conferences

Please submit the following to the Administrative Updates newsletter instead:

  • Calls for nominations or applications for awards, memberships, grants, etc.
  • Student, faculty and staff resources and opportunities