Funding Processes

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College Allocated Fellowship Petition Request

Departments that would like to use a petition for a College-Allocated Fellowship (detailed in Section 9) need ASC approval. The petition materials should be submitted through the link below. If approved, a letter signed by Dean Casian will be generated through DocuSign and emailed to you to send to the Graduate School when you submit the fellowship nomination. Any questions about this process should be directed to Brian Orefice, Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies, at

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Continuous Enrollment Tuition Award Application

The College of Arts and Sciences provides funds for 3 credit hours of Departmental Research hours (8999) and general and instructional fees for each qualifying resident student who is actively pursuing research away from the university under the terms of this program. The college will cover the non-resident student rate only for international students whose visas do not allow them to obtain Ohio resident status. Applications are subject to one of two annual deadlines: November 1 (for SP semester) or June 1 (for AU semester).

All students will be responsible for the cost of any additional required fees and the full cost of any required student health insurance and, for students traveling internationally, the cost of insurance need for international travel.

Post-candidacy doctoral students are required by the Graduate School to register for 3 credit hours every semester as part of the fixed cost of maintaining a relationship with The Ohio State University as they work towards completion of their degrees (see section 7.8 of the Graduate School Handbook).

For more information on eligibility and application processes, visit the ASC website. 

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Matching Tuition and Fee Awards


Departments that would like to request a Graduate School Matching Tuition and Fee Award for an externally funded graduate student fellowship or for a grant proposal need ASC approval. Graduate School guidelines limit this program to funding agencies that do not provide funds to cover tuition and fees; therefore, only under rare circumstances will single-investigator R01s be considered. The application should be submitted no later than three weeks prior to the grant submission deadline. If approved, a prioritization letter signed by Dean Casian and any other required materials will be uploaded into the Graduate School system on your behalf. Any questions about this process should be directed to Brian Orefice, Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies, at

The College will generally support the following applications:

  • Multidisciplinary proposals that bridge different programs and/or colleges
  • Reflect the OSU Discovery Themes
  • Support diversity initiatives and underrepresented populations
  • Graduate student awards from prestigious programs (such as Fulbright, etc.)

Application requirements (in one document):

  • A brief statement about the graduate student opportunity as well as their research. Highlight how your application supports at least one of the ASC priorities listed above. This will be included in the prioritization letter.
  • Request for Proposals (RFP) guidelines, or something that provides information about the opportunity, rules or requirements for the grant, etc.
  • Proposal budget
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