Resources for Faculty and Staff


Career Communities

As you engage Arts & Sciences students on topics of career and professional success, one significant resource to help them navigate career decisions is our unique Career Communities model. This new model features 10 industry based communities so that students can explore how their discipline relates to industry-specific opportunities. Each community has a career coach assigned to it, who brokers connections and brings great insight into industry trends and opportunities. 


Career Courses

Students have the option to explore how their interests, values, and skills relate to career fields through taking the Arts and Sciences College sponsored Career Courses.


Guides & Tips

Our office has many Guides & Tips sheets for students to use for their professional development and to aid their career readiness. Please integrate and use these documents as resources when working with students. Some specific examples you might find especially helpful include:



Stay up to date with our Events Calendar. Be sure to check back weekly as opportunities are added throughout the semester!


ASC Graduate Students Success Grants

The ASC Graduate Student Success Grant seeks to enhance collaboration between Career Success and College of Arts and Sciences academic departments/centers to:

  • Provide unique, innovative, and targeted graduate student support in the area of career and professional development
  • Expose graduate students to varied non-academic career pathways that shape their personal and professional growth towards a meaningful and fulfilling life

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Undergraduate Student Success Grants

The Center for Career and Professional Success (Career Success) works in close collaboration with the departments and centers that comprise The Ohio State University’s College of Arts and Sciences to ensure that every student is prepared to design their lifetime of opportunity. The ASC Undergraduate Student Success Grant seeks to expand collaboration between Career Success and academic departments/centers to provide targeted student support in either of the following areas:

  • Access to training programs that support development of The Buckeye Advantage readiness competencies
  • Exploration of career pathways linked to undergraduate degrees
  • Expansion of experiential learning opportunities
  • Address financial hurdles tied to participation in a required internship or integrated elective
  • Engagement of alumni or industry professionals in career focused department events


Office Services for Students

We offer a variety of variety of services through our office available to undergraduate students and recent alumni to aid in their professional success. For more information on our services, click here.



Handshake is the access portal for Ohio State Arts and Sciences students and recent graduates to connect with employers and internship sites in the corporate, nonprofit, and government sectors that are interested in recruiting Ohio State students.


Office Partners

The Arts and Sciences Center for Career and Professional Success works closely with many offices and centers around Ohio State’s campus. In addition to the CCPS, you may find the following offices helpful and as a resource for your department and students for professional development: