Invest in your students’ Career Success


The Center for Career and Professional Success (“Career Success”) is excited to announce the “Partnering with Career Success to Support Your Advisees” workshop that will be available Spring 2019! This session is designed to enhance department advisor’s understanding of Career Success in the College of Arts and Sciences and best practices for assisting students in their journey.

Benefits of attending the workshop, participants will:

  • Learn how best to make referrals to available resources from Career Success
  • Understand how to incorporate career conversations into advising sessions
  • Learn how to leverage Handshake to assist students in finding opportunities

For more information contact Doanise Thompson, Career Coach at

RSVP today using this form:

There are 3 sessions offered in Spring 2019:

  • January 25th: 1pm-2pm in Denney Hall, 352R
  • February 6th: 3pm-4pm in Denney Hall, 352R
  • February 12th, 9am-10am in Denney Hall, 352R.


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Don’t Cancel Class Initiative

If you must miss a class due to personal or professional obligations, and you cannot find another faculty member to cover your class, no need to cancel! Contact the Arts and Sciences Center for Career and Professional Success to request a presentation related to career success for your students.

Please complete and submit this form at least two weeks prior to scheduled class.

Career Success Presentation Requests

The staff of the College of Arts and Sciences Center for Career and Professional Success are available to facilitate on-campus presentations for Arts and Sciences academic departments and student groups. To request a presentation, click here.

Job Widgets for Department Websites

Did you know you can add a job board widget to your department’s website? This resource is available so students can easily access various professional opportunities that apply directly to their major! The widget will automatically populate with opportunities and positions from Handshake for quick and easy access for students to see what jobs and internships apply to their major.

To learn more and to setup a widget on your department website, please contact Bruce Houtz.