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The Center for Career and Professional Success (“Career Success”) is excited to announce the “Partnering with Career Success to Support Your Advisees”! This session is designed to enhance department advisor’s understanding of Career Success in the College of Arts and Sciences and best practices for assisting students in their journey.  Dates and times to be announced.

Benefits of attending the workshop, participants will:

  • Learn how best to make referrals to available resources from Career Success
  • Understand how to incorporate career conversations into advising sessions
  • Learn how to leverage Handshake to assist students in finding opportunities

For more information contact Doanise Thompson, Career Coach at


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COVID-19: Tips for Colleagues who Support ASC Students


Remind students how their liberal arts and sciences education has prepared them for the unknown; their training has provided them with characteristics and metaskills needed in the workforce and include critical thinking, intercultural effectiveness, socially responsible leadership and lifelong learning.

Additionally, ask your student to broaden their prospects and focus on who’s hiring; in every down market there are always employers who are hiring. There are many websites with crowdsourced information about who is hiring. Sites such as Candor and COVINTERN both have regularly updated lists. Career Success has also highlighted over 500 companies hiring students on Handshake right now.

Lastly, ask students how they may use downtime to identify and build new skills. Now is the time to create individual projects or independent work that showcases the top skills employers seek in new hires. Employers and hiring managers are impressed with candidates who use current workforce issues and come up with solutions through projects like designing an app, writing code, creating innovative marketing campaigns, starting a provocative blog or writing a research statement. Students will appreciate having professional projects to add on their resume, LinkedIn profile or to convey during an upcoming interview. 


Data shows many employers are still interested in hiring Ohio State students. A review of job posting information in the university’s career management system, Handshake, illustrates that within the last 30 days 2,488 new jobs have been posted by 984 employers who are still actively hiring. Of these new postings, nearly 85% are for organizations within Ohio and a total of 830 postings are listed as remote positions at companies such as Tesla, NPR/WCBE 90.5 FM, and Equitas Health, which can be sourced in Handshake by searching for “virtual” or “remote” positions under the jobs tab. Additionally, despite general concerns relative to pre-pandemic job offers, recent quick poll data from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) found that only 4.4% of employers reported revoking their offers to new college graduates that had been recruited for full-time positions that were to start following their graduation. When it comes to internships, NACE quick poll data also reveals that the more common responses employers are taking to the pandemic include moving internship programs to a fully virtual space over the summer or reducing the length of internships by delaying start dates slightly. In light of this information, Handshake data shows over 650 internships have been posted within the last 60 days and slightly over 52% of these internship opportunities were added within the last 30 days at employers such as Amazon, GE, and the City of Columbus.

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Job Widgets for Department Websites

Did you know you can add a job board widget to your department’s website? This resource is available so students can easily access various professional opportunities that apply directly to their major! The widget will automatically populate with opportunities and positions from Handshake for quick and easy access for students to see what jobs and internships apply to their major.

To learn more and to setup a widget on your department website, please contact Alex Lane.