Career Success In The Classroom

Career Success in the Classroom






Contact the Arts and Sciences Center for Career and Professional Success to request a presentation related to career success for your undergraduate students. One of our talented and insightful career coaches will present on the topic of your choosing from the list below. Presentations can be done via Zoom or in-person, aligning with your course delivery format. This is a great chance for you to help students understand how their degree work supports their academic and professional goals. If you must miss a class due to a professional or personal conflict, and you cannot find a faculty member to cover in your absence, these presentations provide a means of showing continued support for undergraduate student success.

Available presentations include:

  • Getting Started with your Career Success
    • The Center for Career and Professional Success has a lot to offer students. In this session students will learn about the career coaching service, career communities, and signature programs that they can take advantage of… FOR FREE!! Let us help guide your students in being successful as a student and a professional!
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  • If You're Not Networking, You're NOT Working
    • It’s not WHAT you know it’s WHO you know and how you TREAT them! This workshop will cover networking tips/techniques to help students get started building their network. Advice specific to nurturing their network over time will also be provided.  
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  • It's Time to Brag - Writing Resumes and Cover Letters
    • Sometimes it’s hard for students to talk about themselves, but when it comes to their resume and cover letter they have to. Have them participate in an interactive presentation where they will leave with knowledge of what employers are looking for and resources they can use to enhance their job search documents. Tips on how to target a specific position in their resume or cover letter will also be shared.
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  • Let's Talk About Jobs and Internships
    • Are your students overwhelmed with the job/internship search? Do they feel lost when it comes to preparing for an interview? If so, this workshop just might be for them! Let us join your class and present on tips about how to search for jobs/internships, prepare for interviews, and how to follow up after the interview. During this session students will develop a personal action plan that capitalizes on their strengths to address hurdles they have faced thus far in their search.
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  • Putting Your Best HANDSHAKE Forward
    • Are your students on the job/internship hunt? Do your students want to be up to date on career and networking events held on campus? Handshake is going to be their new best friend! Schedule a Handshake overview to help students find out ways to maximize their use of Handshake for their career success! Handshake is the intuitive, easy-to-use job search system available to help all Ohio State students connect with employers, career communities, and explore opportunities.  
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  • Get the Buckeye Advantage!
    • What are employers and graduate or professionals schools looking for you ask? Get the Buckeye Advantage workshop describes the core skills that employers and graduate admissions screen for when evaluating college students. Students will learn about their readiness competencies during this workshop. Additionally, students will get the opportunity to set goals on how to strengthen certain skills and capitalize on the readiness competencies they are strongest in.
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  • The Many Forms of Teamwork & Leadership

    • A majority of Ohio State students develop teamwork and/or leadership skills while completing their degrees but get grades of Cs or below from employers in how well they describe these skills in an interview. Students will strengthen their abilities to stand out to employers as team players and leaders during this session.
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If you would like to request one of our presentations, please click on the title of the presentation above. The button below will connect you with the Marketing & Communications for the College of Arts and Sciences, not ASC Career Success.